Create Decentralized IDentity

Decentralized IDentity is a trust framework in which identifiers, such as usernames, can be replaced with IDs that are self-owned, independent and enable data exchange using blockchain technology to protect privacy and secure the transactions. As our lives are increasingly linked to apps, devices and services we are often subject to data breaches and privacy loss. A standards-based Decentralized IDentity system can provide greater privacy and control over your data.

Rubix Decentralized IDentity (DID) project is an open standard enabling users to create self-owned identities and use blockchain networks for getting decentralized tamper proof verifiable claims. The claims are 100% on-chain and publicly verifiable. Every node joining the Rubix platform creates a unique network Decentralized IDentity(DID). DID is a 256x256 PNG image that is self-created but decentralized verification is done by peers in the network. The DID is ubiquity paired with the Peer ID created on the IPFS.

How many DIDs can I create for one Node?


When it comes to creating a DID for your node

  • Make sure IPFS is setup correctly before creating
  • Create only one DID per Rubix Node
  • Backup Rubix directory and .ipfs directory in your node often


When it comes to creating a DID for your node

  • Create multiple DIDs for a same system
  • Not backing up or long gap between backups