What is node?

A node in the context of a Blockchain usually refers to a device that downloads the appropriate cryptocurrency software to connect to a network between partners. Any user who has completed the Rubix Network Setup will be a node in the Rubix Network. Rubix node is configured in P2P networks, each device that participates in the network receives the name of node.

The nodes are the individual parts of the largest data structure that is a blockchain. As node owners voluntarily contribute their computing resources to store and validate transactions, they have the opportunity to earn a credit in the Rubix Network and later a collective credit can be used to mine a whole token.

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How to be a node?

Follow the instruction shared in Setup Rubix Node

  • All nodes in Rubix Network are configured the same way, active nodes who are not transcating will be picked as Quorum (Validators). For more details about Quorums click here