Private Share

Private Share is the second share/part of a node’s Decentalized ID (DID). It is generated during the DID’s Share generation process, and it is 8 times the size of the DID. This Share generation process uses a NLSS based cryptographic solution.


The Private Share is private/secret for a particular node and only that node has its information. Hence, it is an important parameter during different kinds of authentication scenarios.

One of the authentication scenarios is during a simple token transfer. Here the sender sends a portion (bits) of its Private Share to the Recevier, as a part of its Signature. The Receiver then performs some calculations on its side, uses the Private Share of the sender,and authenticates it.

The next scenraio is during the [Consensus] phase of a transaction/transfer. During a token transfer, the sender of a token formulates a Signature and sends it to the Quorum members for consensus. The Quorum members in turn send parts of their Private Shares' (based on sender’s signature) to the sender, as a way to agree to the sender for the transction. Once a certain number of acknowledgements are received by the sender, the sender is authenticated for the transaction.

Lastly, it is used during a Peer to Peer Assest Transfer. Here, the sender shares a portion (bits) of its Private Share to the receiver. The receiver then uses this information, combines it with the Wallet Share of the sender and authenticates the sender in the process. The same process is also carried out vice versa in an Asset Transfer.

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