Earn Proof Credits

Validators will accumulate proof credits from various transactions across different Proofchains. A validator node can be choosen as Alpha, Beta or as a Gamma node. Alpha nodes are picked based on the credits they have accumulated. When a node accumulates enough Proof Credits equivalent to the current level, the node can convert the proof credits into one new RBT token. Nodes continue to earn proof credits & thereby mine new RBT tokens by participating in consensus of various transactions & perpetually storing the consensus proofs.

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What happens when the mining level upgrades?

Credits required to mine a RBT doubles every time the mining level increases. For example, if a node requires 32 credits to mine a RBT in level 3, then the next level requires 64 credits to mine a RBT in level 4. Hence it is reccomended to mine RBT as soon as the required credits are accumulated.


  • Network is currently mining in level 4 - reached on 5 th march 2022