Public Share

Every node joining the Rubix platform creates a unique network Decentralized Identity (DID). This DID is then split into two shares: Public Share and Private Share. The Public Share is also reffered to as the ‘Public Network Share’.


The Public Netwrok Share along with the DID is stored by the node on the IPFS. The IPFS hashes of these two values are then communicated to all peer nodes in the network. This information is used for authentication purposes between nodes.

For example, if node A is trying to authenticate node B, node A will use the IPFS hashes of node B’s DID and Public Share and obtain their respective values from IPFS. Post this, it will request node B to send its Private Share information, which it will combine with the previously obtained values to recreate node B’s DID and hence validate and complete the authentication of node B.

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