Rubix is a peer-to-peer, immutable & truly decentralized blockchain platform that can scale significantly with asynchronous parallelism and support real-world decentralized applications. Rubix deploys a superior consensus mechanism ‘Proof-of-Pledge’ (PoP) — a lightweight algorithm, which reduces carbon emissions significantly. The PoP is highly scalable as it can run on laptops, desktops, and other IoT devices. Its on-chain validation makes the network immutable. The platform also offers instant validation and finality of transactions with a speed of 253.5M tps. Its flexible, sub-net architecture makes it an ideal choice for data-intensive applications, especially in the fields of DeFi, NFTs, DeWifi, DeCloud and even GRC.

The Rubix Network has become a pioneer of sustainable blockchains by developing and deploying the Proof-of-Pledge (PoP) consensus mechanism. This proprietary mechanism makes Rubix the first-ever enterprise-level Zero Carbon Footprint blockchain alternative.

By the end of 2022, Rubix looks forward to enabling more than 100 applications and over time emerge as the largest platform with millions of validators & transactions. The pioneering technology, when combined with environmentally sustainable solutions, will only produce synergized results for the platform itself and for its clients as well. With such immense potential, Rubix is prepared to become a major enabler of growth in the Web3.0 economy and revolutionize the way individuals and institutions perceive blockchain and sustainability.