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What is new in Rubix Network

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🎉 Rubix 2.6.1: Yamato

We are excited to announce our latest update, Rubix 2.6.1: Yamato.

The new update includes all the features of rubix previous release along with some exceiting new features.

Click here to download Rubix 2.6.1: Yamato


JDK version

  • We recommend you to update the JAVA verison in your system to OpenJDK11. This is critical to run the Rubix executable without any hassle.


  • In this release, miniging of rubix tokens has can be undertaken with less number of Quorum members, We have updated our Protocol to allow 7 Quorum members to validate a mining transaction as opposed to the earlier 21 memebrs, which is possible due to security implmented throught PoS mechanism.

  • During mining 1 out of 5 Quorum members who validated the mining transaction will be stalking an RBT of their own to secure the mining transaction.

Rubix Asset Contracts(RAC)/NFT

  • A new exciting feature we have introduced is the implementation of Rubix Asset Contracts (RAC) and its application resulted in NFTs on Rubix chain

  • Read more about RAC and NFT on Rubix Chain

  • To get an in depth understanding of NFT on Rubix/ how to mint them, check out NFT Deepe Dive


Cold-Hot Wallets

  • User security comes first in the decentralised world and to that we have introduced Cold-Hot Wallet mode for Rubix platform
  • Please check out our Github page for Info on how to setup a new Cold-Hot Wallet. Rubix Cold-Hot Wallet Setup


  • Network is currently mining in Level 4

If you have questions or feedback, please DM us at @rubixchain.